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We provide a range of services relating to your Intellectual Property needs. Our service range from advising you regarding forming your Intellectual Property portfolio, protecting your inventions and businessmen methods through Patent and trade secrets, trademarks and branding, copyright protection, licensing of your intellectual property, foreign patent and trademark filing and advice relating to Space law.

“Congress shall have the Power to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries” – United State Constitution


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Mr. Dula has over 30 years experience in the Intellectual Property Law and Space law Field. Today the most valuable asset your business will have is your patents your trademarks and goodwill, your trade secrets and the copyright you own for your creations. We understand the value of your business, your invention and protecting your intellectual property.

The Law Office of Art Dula provides professional services with a personal touch. Whether you are a sole proprietor, start up, small business or a big corporation. We can offer a personalized approach to your needs.

Why Us?

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Finding an Intellectual Property Attorney that fits your needs and is affordable is a challenge faced by many inventors, innovators and companies. We believe that the Intellectual Property owned by you is your most valuable assets. You need a team of attorneys who take a personal interest in your business. We are a small firm that can provide you the personal attention and connection that is hard to find in a big firm. We have experience in providing legal services to small start up companies, individuals and large corporations. It is also important to find an attorney that understands your technology and business. Over the year we have filed and obtained patents and handled intellectual property in various fields ranging from engineering, chemistry, medicine, oil and gas, business methods and software, space and Aerospace. At the Law Office of Art Dula also understand that obtaining intellectual property protection can be very expensive, specially for start up companies and individuals. The Law of Art Dula believes that it is important to give our clients the best services possible and the most affordable rates to protect their inventions and business and to help them reach their goals. This is why we offer very affordable billing rates and provide you estimates and get your authority prior to providing our service. We will advice you regarding the most cost affective way to reach your goals. We are always available to talk you on the phone, reply your emails and respond to any questions you might have.